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This is still a bit of a hack. In an ideal world, clicking the save button should just give you a file save dialogue box and let you choose where to save your spanking new personal TiddlyWiki. Unfortunately doing stuff in web browsers is never that easy, and there's a couple of hoops to be jumped through. See below for a quick guide.

The steps to save your changes as a new, standalone TiddlyWiki are simple, but can be error prone.

1. Make sure that all the text is selected in the edit box above. Copy it to the clipboard.
2. Go back to the browser window showing your editted TiddlyWiki and save the HTML as a new file.
3. Open the HTML file in a text editor like Notepad. Scroll to the bottom and locate the marker lines picked out with a row of asterisks.
4. Select the text from just above that marker back up to the previous marker.
5. Paste the new text in.
6. Save the HTML file.
Suggestions or improvements welcome.